The Complicated Burrito

Forest Tyson - F.T Fitness Brands

April 02, 2020 Forest Tyson Season 1
The Complicated Burrito
Forest Tyson - F.T Fitness Brands
The Complicated Burrito
Forest Tyson - F.T Fitness Brands
Apr 02, 2020 Season 1
Forest Tyson

Interview with Forest Tyson, owner of F.T Fitness Brands!

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Interview with Forest Tyson, owner of F.T Fitness Brands!

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welcome once again to the complicated story down. Here's your podcast host Alan Brooks on today's show, we have forced Tyson, the owner of F T fitness brands dot com. We're gonna get him on the phone and see if we can have a short conversation, see how he's doing. All right, let's give forced to call and see if he's at home. What? What? What? Forced Ison. Alan Brooks.

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How you doing?

spk_0:   0:55
Hey, man, I got you live on my podcast. The complicated burrito.

spk_1:   0:59
Okay, a lot.

spk_0:   1:00
Hey, welcome to the show, man.

spk_1:   1:02
Appreciated man. Thanks for inviting me to show

spk_0:   1:05
we've been a texting back and forth for a few months, but this is Ah, in the first time I've been able to really talk to you.

spk_1:   1:12
No, uh, we actually, uh you know, I have never actually met. Actually, I've been waiting and actually talk to you. Kind of, You know, tell me your thoughts.

spk_0:   1:23
I'm excited about what you're doing, man. You know, I was at your website and your logo is really cool. First of all, did you make that?

spk_1:   1:31
Yes, my actually, I came up with the idea I am actually designing, but I'm like, more like a visionary. I can actually draw to myself. But I didn't want any mistakes, so I just I had a Pacific artist that I never even met before. We just actually started talking, and she was the same issues. Really good designer. And And I just, like, just start talking to her like, daily as I worked for this company for maybe a short period of time. And she actually started getting to know me and picking up like who I was at the person and watching what I was doing. And and she kind of started Started seeing, like my vision. I just crazy how it all worked out that way. And, uh, we both, like, put our heads together and came up with a great design.

spk_0:   2:25
Yeah, Yeah, I was really impressed with that. You know, overall, I know you're just getting started with this whole thing. At least I think how long you've been doing this,

spk_1:   2:35
Um, actually actually started around November of last year 2019 and always actually wanted to do my own CO tonight, but just couldn't figure out what? Because I know so many folks was actually putting out down clothing line. I would like it. There is no way for me to get in this field. And then, actually, I started, like, working about three years ago, and I started targeting like, you know, it's not too many business. Um, where I know it's like Nike, Adidas, and now you. You know, all your, ah, feline and all the sports apparel. But that is not really many. Maybe I can try toe target that area a little bit and see where it goes.

spk_0:   3:16
It's smart. That's really smart. You know, I was looking at your site, and the thing that got me right away is that you have you've got really specific items. You know, you're not just selling T shirts and hats like a lot of people. You've got specific designed items. It appears to me,

spk_1:   3:36
right, And I kind of wanted to do something like, you know, I don't want to do too much. Nothing basic. I kind of want to do something that actually, clothing that would fit who you are, fits Your lifestyle fits comfortably. You know, I didn't know. It doesn't only look good, but, you know, that actually feels good on me. You know, I kind of want to do something a little bit different. I just didn't want to really go too much into the looks. You know, right now, I want something to feel comfortable on. Any part that I like. Stuff that feels comfortable. I don't care, really high looks. But if this comfortable and I could work out in and I'm good to go

spk_0:   4:14
now, a lot of this stuff you weren't. You can wear this stuff under your clothes too, right?

spk_1:   4:20
That is correct. I got some tanks, so I got understood. Um, I'm actually got some of, you know, some underwear for the know me. And I got some for the ladies to. I'm actually working on some designs for for them as well. I'm just having put him up on the site. So I have a lot of different things coming, trying to stay like, you know, like your normal. Your job is short. Um, anything you could, like, you know, work out in the sign of getting the kind of wrong run track. Um, you know, uh, tank tops, You know, saying something that's really you could be comfortable. And, you know, you know, you could just actually, I'm gonna throw on this today, and I'm OK. You know, what

spk_0:   5:07
kind of materials are you using? Because they do look really comfortable. And they fit your body. Uh, real snug.

spk_1:   5:14
Yes. So I'm just using pretty much 100% cotton or cotton. Right now, I'm actually thinking about trying some other different fragmented will kind of see where it goes. And I kind of want to get insights from a lot of folks. You know that. I know and tell me their thoughts and high field because I'm open to suggestions. I'm willing, Teoh, you know, take advice, take, You know, you know, negative criticism to welcome that. I think that would make my brand better. I'm open to any. Anything anybody has to say I'm open to hear.

spk_0:   5:51
Yeah, that's that's one thing. You know, I did notice that Ah, you know, everything. It's not just a hodgepodge of stuff. It's really, like a brand brand associate ID and, like everything fits together. Really Well,

spk_1:   6:06
well, appreciate that. Um I'm actually I got a lot of work, a lot of work to do. I'm actually still, you know, learning and growing as, uh You know, as I put this together daily, I'm still like Jim in my head of different ideas and thoughts. I got so much stuff going into my brain and, like, I want to try that someone do this, but I'm just trying to take it once that better time. I don't want to put too much and run my

spk_0:   6:31
in laws. Do you design this stuff yourself, or do you hire people or do you work with other designers?

spk_1:   6:38
Actually, I have my own designers that I work with. I actually got about one designed myself, actually know how to run its own machine. But is this with me? I'm so long patient. I don't think I have the time I do it anymore. So I just hired a team of designers that actually I'm pretty much just telling my vision and and they nobly just put it to work.

spk_0:   7:05
So So they bring you back like drawings, and then you tell them yes or no or what?

spk_1:   7:12
Yes. My normally get like drawings. I get samples, thers like, see anything you know, before I actually, you know, sell it or let somebody try because I want to make sure it's 100% perfect. Before, you know, I even put it out there. I just came this something out there just like that would actually going through. It works, you know, through group of select folks. I even, like, run about. What do you think about? Try this. Tim Highfield

spk_0:   7:44
Think tank, right. How many lines do you have right now? Um, I think I saw, like, five or six lines.

spk_1:   7:52
Yes. Um, I have Right now, I have six now. I'm actually, um, actually trying to do Ah, some shorts, um, fastball shorts or just, you know, some basic Brian in shorts. Um, I just haven't really put that together just yet, but I know the summer's coming. I want to get some somewhere out there for a lot of folks. Um, I might think about doing some tikis, too, as well. But as of right now, I'm just focused on track suits, tank tops, You know that. You know the underwear for the women And ladies actually have ah, of the yoga pants with women's to. I just haven't uploaded on the site. Just shit. And now that's actually coming in Will.

spk_0:   8:37
Now, Now this stuff really comfortable, but it's also cool, right? During the during the summer months.

spk_1:   8:44
Yes, it actually did. You could wear it pretty much all year round because I know that when it gets a little warm, you know you know the jacket. You can actually take that off and still be comfortable in the pants. You actually, you can keep the jacket own in the summer months of spring Winter fall is really comfortable. Don't get to to hide in it. Most closes put on like a sweat suit. And, you know, you start burning up at the while, especially in a time like this will start warming up, but they're pretty comfortable all year round.

spk_0:   9:18
Yeah, that's when one thing I was noticing just off the pictures, you know, now when you go to manufacture one of your lines that you've designed, how do you do that? How do you pick out the people that's gonna make your clothing lines?

spk_1:   9:35
It's pretty. It's pretty chubby, just like a judgment call, you know, And like, I'm a I'm a sample person like I like. If you're gonna design some form that I had to you don't have to actually see the sample war. Like try it on or tell it before actually get it out there. This is they just, you know, my king If I like it, If I cant try, I want to trial it size Ladies and lords large to wake. I want to be fit on the first or somebody else that I know close to me before I get it out there.

spk_0:   10:09
So your company, you named it FT Fitness Brands. And, uh, now, that's that's FT fitness brands dot com.

spk_1:   10:18
Yes, that is correct.

spk_0:   10:20
Now, is that you named that? I fear your name forced Dyson fitness brands. Is that correct?

spk_1:   10:25
Yes. I'm actually I kind of want to leave my name like invisible, um, out of, you know, I just wanted Teoh t you know, fitness brands. I don't want anybody to recognize me, but, you know, realities. That is my initials. And my name is behind it, though, as you look in a logo, my ft initials actually is engraved into the logo

spk_0:   10:49
myself. That I did. I saw that. Yeah, because I you know, I was working with that logo and I blew it up a little bit. I thought that was really cool. So I'm gonna play your radio commercial on. We'll just let everybody hear your your thing. That's a 62nd spot. Okay, In fashion, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But quality should never be compromised. No matter what you're looking for, we guarantee durability. We are committed to providing you styles that have quality built in and will last through the wear and tear of your day. Our goal is to put the fun in functional fashion. We know that looking stylish can make your whole day better. That's why we're committed to being your source for the newest trends. We designed clothing you love so you can focus on looking great FT Fitness brands, clothing and apparel store Bringing new quality styles and innovative designs. Get 10% off your first purchase when you sign up for our newsletter at FT. Fitness brands dot com FT Fitness brands Clothing to suit your lifestyle. All right, That's an amazing commercial.

spk_1:   12:13
Appreciate it. Thank you, sir.

spk_0:   12:15
Do you have ah, other media channels to like YouTube and Facebook and all these things?

spk_1:   12:21
Yes. I'm actually working on my YouTube channel is Well, I'm trying to link everything up to as well. I'm in the process of that as we speak right now. Um, once I got to get everything connected, everybody can kind of tune in and see what was really going on with that. He didn't brands. No, that's what I'm looking forward to do here in the next week or so.

spk_0:   12:48
Wow. So you're moving fast.

spk_1:   12:50
I'm trying to let me try When somebody put some known, they just like, you know, this this feels great and looks OK. Something out of the ordinary that you normally don't see nobody wearing,

spk_0:   13:05

spk_1:   13:05
I had a buddy of mine. We, uh you know, he just called me up and said, You know what? I'm going through my jumpsuit on. You're gonna wear yours. You know what? I might as well. And then we came in the building. I mean, we draw so much attention. It was unbelievable. Nobody was used to seeing this tracks. And I thought it was freaking wonderful seeing something like that.

spk_0:   13:28
Well, you're doing really good, man. I'm really impressed. Okay? You got your new line designed and you've got people making it. And you're getting your samples and you're happy with it now, What do you do next? Do you hire models and then market the product? How do you do that?

spk_1:   13:49
Yes, that that actually is my next step is actually hiring some model models. You know, Teoh just kind of get it out there a little bit more. Um, I haven't every actually started looking for any model jib, but I kind of got some advice from a few folks are telling me you need bottles, you know, men and women and think that will be very cool. So I'm actually in the process of trying to put that together, too, as well. You know, I think that helped.

spk_0:   14:22
Well, man, you know, I really appreciate being on the show. I'd like to get you back on here, probably. And maybe maybe two or three months. And the way the the way you're moving and grooving, man, I think that it would be fun to see You know what? You got going.

spk_1:   14:38
All right. I appreciate that. I appreciate you know, I will be more likely. Teoh, No. Get back on and hopefully three months by now. We'll see what happens.

spk_0:   14:48
Yeah. You can update us on your lines. And you know, I'll put up some links to your website, you know, under the podcast. And people can get ahold of you. Go see your products and see you know what you grow, you know, over the next few months. So I

spk_1:   15:03
appreciate it.

spk_0:   15:04
Are you, uh how's this? This whole Corona virus treating you? Are you hunkered down or are you locked down or you know, what's your situation?

spk_1:   15:13
Uh, you know, I'm still, uh, you know, I want to work. My job is pretty much central, so they won't matter. Let me stay home if they wanted me to. So, Yeah, I'm still out here in the field, so I'm just gonna keep living my life, you know? I'm going to get it and get it if I'm not gonna get it. You know, my time is my time to help. So I'm just looking living, man. That's

spk_0:   15:40
that's really I mean, that's That's really the only way you can look at it. It's just speak careful. You know, you weren't gloves and everything.

spk_1:   15:48
Yes, my work gloves from time to time. Only thing that I haven't been wearing is the mask, and I'm actually thinking about, you know, get knows as well. Just just a have on on a cost basis.

spk_0:   15:59
Yeah, I've been feeling the same way. I don't you know, we don't know where this thing's going, right, and I don't You know, somebody coughs doing a breathing, you know?

spk_1:   16:13
Right. And, you know, and I'm around so many people still like it is, baby. Yeah. It could be anybody that I'm around daily that might even have it, you know? I don't know. They don't know. It's just a lot going on right now. Hopefully, we'll pull through this, and I believe we will. You know, it just gotta take time to figure this thing all out.

spk_0:   16:35
Yeah. Yeah. It's a mystery, man. Still in a lot of ways, you know, things, whole virus thing. And, yeah, they're still figuring it out. Um, I guess they're saying now they're gonna lock down everything through April, right? I don't know. I think there's, like, 31 states. It's looked I just thought I tried. I did. Well, I just thought check and see. You know what? Your situation Waas and I wish you the best man I, you know, hope you stay safe and, you know, just wash your hands.

spk_1:   17:08
You to ban a base tape out there? No, wash your hands. You know, like a well will pull. Do this.

spk_0:   17:15
That's right.

spk_1:   17:16
You know, here, you feel

spk_0:   17:18
we'll just We'll stay together, man, and we'll pull through this thing. Well, dude, I will call you back on the podcast. Probably a couple months, and we'll check in with you.

spk_1:   17:27
OK? Appreciate that.

spk_0:   17:28
All right, force. Thank you so much for being on the show today.

spk_1:   17:32
You, too. Thank you.

spk_0:   17:32
Okay, You have a great day. You could, but all right, that was an excellent conversation with Forest Taison from ft Fitness brands dot com would like to thank you all for listening to the podcast today on behalf of Rev. 0 24 radio. I'm Alan Brooks for the complicated burrito. Revell 24 Radio Are not your parents radio station of unless your parents are a sick way