The Complicated Burrito

Nguyen Tran Interview - TCB

May 08, 2020 Nguyen Tran Season 1 Episode 11
The Complicated Burrito
Nguyen Tran Interview - TCB
The Complicated Burrito
Nguyen Tran Interview - TCB
May 08, 2020 Season 1 Episode 11
Nguyen Tran

Nguyen Tran - Mind Control Through Breath Regulation.

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Nguyen Tran - Mind Control Through Breath Regulation.

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way. Welcome once again to the complicated Garrido. Here's your podcast host Alan Brooks. Today's guest comes all the way from Australia. His name is Nguyen Tran, and he's written a book called Mind Control. Through Breath Regulation Win has developed groundbreaking techniques, using yoga, breathing techniques, meditation and even quantum physics. I'm really excited to have and win on the show today. Let's give him a call and see if he's home. Win. Tran, this is Alan Brooks with the complicated burrito. Can you hear me

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Now you're from Vietnam, originally. But you moved to Australia for your education. Is that correct?

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Yeah. Study, engineering. And then, uh, Vietnam was taken over by the other side, so I didn't go.

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Oh, I see. So you've been in Australia for a very long time?

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Yeah. I came here in 1962 before you were born.

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I was actually born in 1962. Well, tell me about your journey from Vietnam to Australia. You had a scholarship to be Ah, electrical engineer. And you went to Australia for your studies. Is that correct?

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Came to a state in 1952 and we got scholarships for most areas to come to Australia to study engineering. And there were nine about and at that time we didn't have anything mechanical like they have in the state. Right? Then learn English and study, and we get into trouble. We who number in English would understand the food. Too much meat, too much protein. And, uh, yeah, no family support. I'll hit them and stay stable. Just turn around in the head and we went to the medical center to ask him what to do when they say, Oh, you take the pills tranquilizing pills on you do the CT at the shock treatment All you do meditation. We didn't want to take the people's because it's sort of my side effect and e t t. One of our friend are made in the group Volunteer for that, and he troubled the tight side effect and he failed the exams in the Australian government sent him home because of the conditions it will fail. It sent home, and so the rest of us decided to take up yoga meditation. We went and checked for hours, and the head is still roaming around because we're engineering and we want to do things we don't want to Quite in the mind. Uh, the rest of the people asked me Oh, you do something to get the head quiet. Mind State climb. I had to study all the yoga books and meditation books in their written in a language that wouldn't understand Anyway,

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Every time I've tried to meditate, I've hit a brick wall because my mind is just too busy and I can't call my mind down.

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Yes, yes. People ask me how with people in the group I say how to do this yoga meditation quite in the mind because people in the Magnum medical attenders other student did that today. They then it well, so I had to study all the yoga books and what it written in different language. I couldn't understand it anyway, but I find that book written by an American PC student. He called CEO Bernard and his book or part yoga and in which you just drive over the yoga and meditation and things like that, and I bought it from the shop. The lady was a yoga petitioner and he insisted to give it to me. But I insisted on playing at the baby is $1.50 and she said that you know, I studied the book. I will get through the study, stretched. And what a practice That the yoga in the book. And I realized a figure out that you sit there idling the mine one, as we have done sitting there one hour, two hours, three hours with because online is engineering line. So I then invented four type of breath. Slow breath. One is modifying Muybridge six seconds. Another one is oxygen breath seven seconds. 14 2nd breathing in seven second reading our seven seconds and Quantum Britain most of the years. I think they never think of quantum in the body of quantum electron in the morning that one also fought in 14 seconds. And then I make up a resonant breast if you hold a bridge for another seven seconds. So 14 seconds, 21 seconds. You know the resonance 44 that we practice these practices for a week. And it seemed to get in my head, you know, under control. So I passed on to the other one and we will practice that in four weeks. We don't have any more study stress. They were happy

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So you've really broken new ground by using quantum physics to explain the body's response to yoga. I find this very interesting

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What you said study with people few few hours. And you could you find that you get a lot off a lot of interesting things for yourself. The, you know, mind that sub conscious line in sub conscious line and the conscious mind. No, the logic in everything store subconscious. Mind thinking off the thing that do you want to know, like inventing things like dreaming things like solving a solution and things like that. But if you do it too fast, breathing too fast in those mind would wipe over there never, never get get a, you know, get in the way of doing things. So you have to slow down the Brits to be able to do that. And you have four types of rest, especially the quantum, because that is a new one in the body. It level of thinking and things like that. And if you do that and you can get you know, um, your muscle weighs pastor and your balances better and your memory can be improved, your osteoporosis can be reduced diabetes can be reviews and all these things. And together with that, I also bring in seven centers in the brain and seven center in the body to meditate. And I have done that for 60 years now. When I retired from the university, I wrote the book on they call mind control through breasts regulations, and I think I might have reinvented meditation. And I hope to pass this thing on toe as many people as possible because it's cheap cause, any trouble, no side effects. And it gives you a young and healthy.

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Now, once people start reading your book and they start putting your techniques into practice, how much time of day it is a person have to spend to get the full impact of your new method?

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Yeah, really All night with about 15 20 minutes and I move on and we every week every couple of weeks. That's good. So I go on to win in 14 50 minutes, 60 minutes e. And I do one hour. I exercise every day.

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So is that the yoga part of your technique?

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Yeah, yoga party, low impact yoga poses and in the other thing that that requires a lot of testing and things like that, but I Every time I do that, I selected the, um, modify normal breaths that the six seconds three second breathing in and three seconds reading out. The reason why six second is that the brain weighs a subconscious brain weighs Peter. Um, there, there, three brain waste. One needs help. Second money, Tita said one delta, now else by six seconds. And that guy, seven seconds and Delta is eight seconds. These are the thing that you don't don't know about. It's not not steamed by our mind, but it producing in the subconscious, mind you breathing according to the type of time. Then those things are activated and they work well for you if you want to. So problems something difficult, and you are being that way and answer appear pretty soon and it knocked in the following day. The answer will be, Oh, if you want to be, oh, running. You can meditate like that and your muscles will be faster so you can get better than your competition. No. Yeah,

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one of the

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one of the runners. They use breathing techniques, and I know that singers whose breathing techniques, you know? So that makes perfect sense, you know? And it would also train your mind. How did you get into quantum physics? How did you get into corner physics?

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Well, I I study at in Elektronik Engineering. But the university, of course. That quantum Felix. So I andro for that too. And divide by doing that. I know all of our condoms in the body and things like that and nerves carrying want to get into there. And the thing is, the, um, magnetic field influence our body.

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If you sit and face north, then the quantum would move in kind of Kilic like, you know, have you You do yoga, You know that they talk about the kundalini Gwendolyn is created by the movement of a snake curling and bottom of spine when you excited, couldn't really need. And the snake won't open up and move up to the top of the head and come down again. So it's a snake life, but, um, it's very big, but you don't have a snack in your body. I don't.

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All right. So you're also using quantum physics, which basically describes properties of nature on an atomic scale and also includes frequency and energy. Is that correct?

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Yes. I'd make frequency because it like electrons. When you have a lectern in the cooking, Nothing going to give you energy. But the also the electron will move in the wire that come up down nerve. The electron bit of the nerves in our body smaller, so they call it a quantum quantum would be exactly the thing I electron. And when you sit in the in yoga position you face north. Those electron will follow the electromagnetic field of the earth and you face north. The one time would move in a helicke, and he looks like the snake. It is a thing that the Indian master we're talking about 3000 years ago, the snake that moving from the bottom of the spine to the pump of the head. But we can find that quantum not moving in a helix that the 3.5 turn and it comes from the bottom of the find, the top of the head. And if you made it, they thinking about that and you get over that I was injected in yellow fever. And the doctor they say they are tonight when you go home, you're going to have a soul shoulder. And I did that. It was so so I do quantum. And within 15 minutes, soreness was removed.

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That's amazing

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quantum quantum in the body. But if I want to sell some problem, I did lie down facing north, and I do a few breaths and solution might come out to me quickly possible into my students. And they do that. There was amazing, you know? Well, I didn't have to worry about this problem anymore. Every time I read the the trying to find the answer, I just meditate and the answer will come to me.

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That's amazing. Your new techniques have a lot of benefits.

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Quantum with the best sequel Quantum provide you with intelligence and new ideas in the challenge you to do things in the dream bakes. And also it's gonna can help you get rid of diabetes and osteoporosis, memory loss, something like that.

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All this is in your book. It's ah, 112 pages. Um, you're you're with Trafford Publishing, and that's available at Amazon Kindle. Barnes and Noble. Um, yeah. Do you have a website or anything like that?

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Yeah, I got a website Blue W w not active. Mine yoga not gone

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active. Mind yoga dot com.

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Yeah, active mine because I breath I breathe slowly. So the mine is given regulation six seconds. 14 seconds. So they called it active mind. Rather whether other people do meditation that it breathe slowly long, very long dressing Get the mind quiet but by by doing slow breathing it much better.

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So after I read your book and I use your techniques that you've developed, I will be able to basically ease my mind and put my mind at peace so I can get the full benefits of yoga and meditation. Is that correct?

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Outside. And that thing that a lot of people invented yoga. Who? They can do it. Dude, you know people who don't want to do anything and they sit down there and the mind get quiet and yeah, they're happy. But for the student, for people lose sports off. People do other things. If they do the type of meditation that I do, they got all the solution. Come out to them, idea, come up to the head and thats much better.

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Some of my listeners are probably dealing with a lot of pain or possibly even memory loss. Can your techniques help with that?

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The electricity that running in your nerves? He creating the contract for the pain, and they removed a pen straight away. Send any of you lose your memory. You can regionalize the people campus and that one would then bring back the new Ron's to make you remember, get it's something improved? Um, all the may be writing the diabetes. You send a sugar into the brain, truth of the oil itself, and you really lose your type two diabetes on and also osteoporosis. You visualize the thyroid and parathyroid and them come up with the new, uh, you know, bone structure, bone bone particles, and that sending to your bone and Maggie stronger and longer karma. I tested my my osteoporosis every year, and my bone density is the same as a 25 years old man. I'm worried. 76.

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Without costing anything, you don't have attacked. The pills are done, has a baggy T and and also it gives the idea of what to do and things like that.

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We've got your website there and when, um do you want to give us your email in case anyone wants to reach out to you personally and talk to you?

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I got email and a blue I end trained at hotmail dot com. Very of you or someone else. Want to ask any more questions

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when I'll put all of your links in the description below the podcast. And I really want to thank you so much for coming on the show all the way from Australia today and enlightening myself in our listeners to your new groundbreaking techniques. And I hope to have you back on the show sometime in the future. And you can update us on all your adventures.

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Yeah, OK, thank you.

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Okay. Thank you. When I have a great day. Wow, That was a great interview. Very interesting. His book is called Mind Control Through Breath Regulation. It's available at Amazon Barnes and Noble Kindle, and I'll put the website linked below in the description. Thanks again for listening to the podcast today on behalf of Revo 24 Radio. I'm Alan Brooks for the complicated burrito 24 24 hour music connection. When you knew the best from across the globe